August 12, 2020

See What’s Going on at the JRTI Mobile Career Center

The Mobile Career Center is James Rumsey Technical Institute’s community outreach program for eighth-graders in Berkeley, Jefferson, and Morgan Counties. If you’re a middle school student in the Eastern Panhandle, you don’t want to miss your opportunity to see the great careers available to you.

James Rumsey Technical Institute is a school in Martinsburg that provides training in a variety of technical skills and career readiness. Talk to your teacher and let them know you want to experience the MCC!

MCC Offers Students Another Visit

As the mobile career center moves around the three counties this year, depending on availability the career center is allowing students the opportunity to look at another career activity. This year students have been asked to fill out an “Exit Survey”. One of the questions; would you like another opportunity to visit the center if possible? Well the response has been overwhelming. To the point that there is not enough time in the schedule to allow all students this opportunity. However, as we travel to all 11 middle schools in the three counties we will use the link below to determine those students who might get one more chance. No guarantees, weather, timing, your attendance, your current grades and your attitude will all play a role into who might be chosen for a second visit. For those that are a special award just might be awaiting.