It Starts at Spring Mills Middle

pizzaThe Mobile Career Center arrived mid morning on the 6th of September. The staff at the school was ready for our arrival. By noon the center had water, electric and the internet.

I unpacked and began the setup. This year the Mobile Career Center (MCC) received almost $9,000 in state grants to upgrade the technology in the center, with a new wireless access point, 6 surface books, a Gigabyte Ethernet switch, new masonry bricks, blood pressure cuffs, Ipads and up to date software. The mission to provide more opportunity for the Tri-county 8th grade students to receive accurate and current experiences in careers that James Rumsey offers has been a huge success since school started.

Since 1970 James Rumsey has offered panhandle high school students an opportunity to find their career path. Using instructional technology that is current with the workforce. James Rumsey offers 17 programs of study in High School. The school provides all students the opportunity to find out if engineering, computer science, health, law, criminal justice or manufacturing is the career field that makes sense for them. It is truly a “win win” for all parties, the student, parent and industry. Many local employers rely on James Rumsey to prepare students to enter the job market beyond entry level. Most of the schools 17 High School programs offer business certifications. James Rumsey is the Panhandles best resource for providing qualified, employable adults to local industry and business.